Envela Castel is a French photographer specialised in portraits of actors and history. She is also a writer, explorer, driven by art and the ancient world. 

Everything she does, she believes in the power of the ancient civilisations. She believes that it is important to challenge and understand our contemporary societies by honouring the past. Learning from yesterday's mistakes could change the course of the world. The way she does that is by taking photographs of History alongside portraits of its heirs, of old souls, and faces that tell a story, as testament to the past.  

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Envela combines her cinematic portrait photography with a passion for exploration and would likely trade the comfort of the city for adventurous destinations. 

Introduced by her parents to foreign adventure at a young age, she has travelled all around the world. She began to make her mark by travelling on her own around the U.S from east to west, biking through 331 km in France, trekking in the Burmese mountain/jungle with a rifle and a machete, diving in the Andaman sea, rock climbing on a Thai cliff, zip-lining through the Lao jungle and sleeping in the canopy, rafting in the Nam Tha river’s rapids. Her passion for History and the great unknown is now taking her around the world, to build a lifetime project about lost kingdoms and ancient civilisations. 

Long Live the Fallen World is a lifetime photographic/writing/video project focusing on old worlds, their heritage and lost civilisations. It can also be seen as some sort of conceptual archaeological digging to enhance and create awareness about our world ancient civilisations and the importance of History. 

When not abroad, she lives in England and in France. 

Envela Castel


2018 – "LONG LIVE THE FALLEN WORLD" Exhibition at the SPEOS Gallery, Paris, France.
2018 - Published in Le Figaro Scope
2017 – Interviewed by MadmoiZelle.com
2017 – Published in Kodd Magazine
2017 – Appearance on France 3 (France Televisions)
2016 – Published in Le Telegramme, Ouest-France
2016 – Exhibition at the tourist information office, Begard, France.
2016 – Published on HoldFast Gear's blog.
2016 – Published on Fisheye's website.
2016 – Published on WANDER Magazine website.
2015 – Featured on B-Authentique's website.
2014 – Published on Art Actuel's website as emergent artist.
2014 – Published in The Photographers Directory's blog.
2014 – DEREGLEMENT Group exhibition at SPEOS Gallery, Paris, France.